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 Ms Cheryl Peterson is one of the worlds greatest healers and teachers of all times. She has a genuine love and passion for what she does, healing and sharing her years of experience  allows her to work on a high level. A level many therapists try to achieve in a lifetime. It is her ability to connect with the physical mental and spiritual levels of healing that separates her from the rest.  thanks MS P for always sharing giving and blessing the world with your inner strength”
Baylen  Mt 18 years Gardena
Cheryl Peterson is one of the chosen ones.  She holds sacred space necessary for the healing energy of the universe to touch the hearts of her clients
Kara MMT  CKT  Torrance
“MS P has been a positive energy with her uplifting words and techniques to ease my tension. she embodies the art of therapy I love her spirit and compassion she gives to others. What a great teacher"
Anny  MA ed Riverside
 "To know and work with Cheryl is one of lifes greatest gifts. SHe touches me with her love, fun and creative nurturing ways. She is very clear and listens from the heart. She gives us the chance to be our own creator's it is so much freedom being around her. She lives in my heart and we Love her"
Isabel  Therapist  Marvista - Santa Fe